Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthdays & Boys

Friday was a big & busy day for us! Our neighbor's little girl, Leighton, was having a birthday party for turning 2 years old. So we kept Canyon for the night so he could have plenty of time to play and then time with us at home. 

Leighton is the sweetest little girl and we have totally fallen in love with her. She turned 2 on Saturday so her parents had her a party for friends at the park on Friday. The theme? Pink & Hello Kitty! {Oh how I hope to have my own little girl one day} 

We got to eat these amazing cake pops at the party! Oh my goodness, I have never had one, but a bite of cake on a stick is seriously one of the best ideas ever. Vanilla cake with chocolate chips covered in chocolate and sprinkles. They were a hit!

Rachael {Leighton's Mommy} and I enjoying our pops!

Canyon starts kindergarten this week so we had to make that fun trip to Target to buy school supplies. He is getting really excited and he is already so smart! Hard to believe he is going to be in school this year. He had to make sure he carried all of his supplies himself and kept saying, "This has to go in my book bag!" LOL. 

Canyon came home completely exhausted Friday. He took a bath and played in there for awhile, watched some of Despicable Me and then he was out for the night! Meanwhile, I get a phone call from Caycee at midnight telling me he needed a ride home. He didn't want to go to a friends house he was going to have to go to and I am so glad he could pick the phone up and call me when he felt uncomfortable. I got my tired booty out of bed and picked him up to take him home. What's a step mom for, right?

Saturday we hung out with Canyon a little longer before he had to go home. We always try to make it a point to take him to see his Nana and I happened to get this picture of them talking and playing. I hope my MIL doesn't see this and kill me but I thought it was priceless.

Somewhere in this whole weekend I didn't get one picture of Corey and I. OOPS! Next time, right?! Last thing to leave a note on ... my Asters are blooming! I planted them as little seeds about 5 months ago and they are finally starting to make an appearance. I saw one bud, then a few more the next day, and now I have blooms and tons of tiny buds. This makes for one happy "future flower planter". 


Jennifer @ Oh My Owls! said...

She is so cute! I still can't see her name without seeing that photo of her with mud all over....still cracks me up!!!

Melissa said...

That was the funniest and cutest picture! She has such a ginormous personality.