Friday, August 10, 2012

School Time

Thursday was Canyon's first day of Kindergarten. We were probably more excited and nervous than he was, haha. Nicole {Canyon's mom} & Kolby {his step dad} brought him to school that morning so we can time to go and meet his teacher, Ms. Hays. She seems so kind and definitely a teacher for small kids. 

He was running just a little late so he had to hurry up and take his picture and get to his new seat. He didn't have a problem telling us bye at all. I hope he really enjoys this year! {We did receive an email this afternoon stating Canyon had some issues at school today. He was sent to the principal's office and we have a parent meeting next week. Already?! Holy Moly, this whole new mom thing is hectic! But in a great way. I wouldn't trade it for anything.} 

Hopewell is where my brother and I both went to school. I hold so many great memories there! It was pretty fun going inside and just smelling the school again. I'm on duty to be at school every Wednesday for pick up. That is so exciting!

Cars has to be one of his favorite movies! So of course, what is his backpack? Yep, you got it!

Canyon took a picture with his daddy and his mommy on his first day. It's hard to be a step parent but you have to learn to put aside what was in the past between adults and move on. Thank God, Nicole and I have a pretty decent relationship. There are ups and downs but I'll never be able to change who Canyon's momma is. So you have to make the best out of a funky situation. 

{This lights my heart up! He was so happy that his daddy and I were there!}

{Canyon and his mom.}

I feel like I totally left Caycee out of the loop but school to a 14 year old isn't exactly quite as exciting. He missed his first day {half of a day} Wednesday so he went back Thursday morning. It's this kids last year in middle school! He is a popular kid with lots of personality. He says he had a good day back but like I said, he seemed less than enthused. {Side note for self: He is in 8 Red}


Jennifer @ Oh My Owls! said...

Aww! He's so cute, hopefully whatever happened to day was just due to first day jitters and there won't be many more issues!!

& OMG Corey shaved! He looks like 10 years younger now haha!! I love it on him!!! Do you??

Melissa said...

We have a rewards program set up now that will be the same here and at his moms to help him stay on track. I am sure he is nervous about school and who knows what is going through a little boys head!!

Melissa said...

Yes, he shaved! He had kept it that way since close to after the honeymoon. I have to say I love my hairy husband so I do adore his facial hair. But I know it will be back soon when it's cold! LOL.